Ultimate Enduro Tours Pattaya Thailand

Ultimate Enduro Tours Pattaya Thailand

Ultimate Enduro Tours Pattaya Thailand

Enduro Madness Pattaya offers Ultimate Pattaya dirt bike tours ranging from their 3 hour taster tour to their most popular full day dirt bike tour right up to a sensational multiple day enduro holiday adventure tour.

All Enduro Madness Pattaya’s Ultimate dirt bike tours are approximately 90% off road. On every tour you will experience spectacular scenery passing through many different types of stunning terrain. On their full day dirt bike tour you will enjoy a fabulous lunch at a scenic Thai restaurant situated in the hills next to a fishing pond.  After lunch you will continue the off-road loop and arrive back to base. It’s highly likely that you will be feeling pretty tired and exceptionally happy, as you sit back and enjoy a cold beer remembering all those miles of stunning countryside that you have just conquered!

Pattaya and the Eastern Seaboard of Thailand is in fact blessed with countless miles of beautiful Thai countryside only 15 minutes East of Pattaya. The huge variety of dirt roads, tracks and trails means that the guides can always adapt the routes to suit all abilities from beginners to advanced.

Enduro Madness Pattaya has six main tour guides and two back up/support riders who will guide you on your off-road adventure.  All guides are fluent English speaking. In fact one of their guides and Managing Director is an Englishman! Their other main guide is Manoch Abdulkaree – Thailand and Asia’s Enduro Champion of the last 20 years.

Enduro Madness Pattaya’s  guides are also on hand to give you tips on riding or perhaps you would like to look at one of their training programs that specifically concentrates on improving your dirt bike trail riding techniques.

Whatever options you choose you are guaranteed to have an ultimate dirt bike enduro adventure tour!


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