Dirt Bike Tours Pattaya Thailand

Dirt Bike Tours Pattaya Thailand

Dirt Bike Tours Pattaya Thailand

You can also join in our  ATV tours by choosing to ride one of our awesome Kawasaki 250cc dirt bikes. However unlike the ATV Quad bikes and Buggies where anyone can ride these easy to drive automatic machines; with the dirt bikes we require that you must have some previous experience in riding a geared motorcycle of at least 250cc or larger. Please also note that the dirt bikes are not suitable for novices! Unlike the very safe ATV Quad bikes and Buggies the dirt bikes can be dangerous. If you choose to take a dirt bike on our ATV tour we will provide you with full safety gear; boots, elbow pads, knee pads, helmet, goggles, gloves and enduro clothing.

We often receive a family booking , where Mum might take the buggy, brothers and sisters take Quad bikes and Dad might take the dirt bike. The dirt bikes are a great extra option to have and many times we see Dads re-living yester years of zooming around on a dirt bike and having lots of fun!

Our ATV FUN Tour is primarily a fun tour and the pace of the tour is very relaxed with plenty of stops for refreshments, photos and to make some jokes and have lots of fun. Our ATV ULTIMATE Tour is a lot more technical and demanding requiring more skill. However if you would like a more serious guided dirt bike tour then we have the perfect solution for you. That is because we are affiliated with Enduro Madness Pattaya! In fact Enduro Madness Pattaya also use our premises as the base for their awesome guided dirt bike trail tours.

Enduro Madness Pattaya is the only established and professional dirt bike tour operator in Pattaya Thailand. They offer a wide range of off-road dirt bike tours from a 3 hour tour to a full day tour up to even an 8 day 7 night amazing Thailand enduro holiday! They have plenty of guides and will always put you with a group that is of a similar standard to yourself. They also offer first class enduro and motocross training from complete beginners through to advanced riders.

Enduro-Madness stock 8 Kawasaki klx 250cc dirt bikes, 12 Honda CRF 250l dirt bikes, 3 Kawasaki klx 150cc, 2 Kawasaki kx 140, 1 Kawasaki 125cc bike and 2 Honda CRF 250R motocross bikes + a KTM 450 and a Husqvarna TE 300. Therefore the perfect bike for your riding abilities is going to be there waiting for you and rearing to go! Enduro Madness Pattaya’s knowledge of the off-road trails available in Pattaya and the eastern Sea Board is simply second to none! An awesome ride is guaranteed!


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Enduro Madness Pattaya = Off-Road at its best!

ATV ATV & BUGGY ADVENTURES PATTAYA = Off-Road at it’s Best! BUGGY ADVENTURES = Off-Road at it’s Best!

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