Our ATV and Buggy Fleet

Our ATV and Buggy Fleet

Our spectacular fleet of quality ATV’s consists of various styles of Polaris and CF Moto quad bikes and Fun Buggy Karts setup to suit a wide variety of riders heights, weights and skill levels. Rest assured we will have an All Terrain Vehicle that is perfectly suited to you ready and waiting for your arrival. After arriving at our base, getting kitted up and a safety briefing we will then allocate the ATV’s to you. After some instructions and tuition on how to drive the ATV’s we will do a couple of laps on our practice track before the REAL multi km off-road ATV adventure begins!

Polaris Trail Boss 330cc

We have 16 ATV Polaris 330cc Trail Boss Quad Bikes - These awesome ATV’s are perfect for riders who are below 85kg and are incredibly easy to handle and smooth to drive.

Polaris Sportsman 450cc

We have 12 ATV Polaris Sportsman 450cc - These beasts are suited to heavier riders who are above 85 kg.

CF Moto 500cc, Polaris Spotsman 570cc

We have 10 ATV CF Moto 450 - 500cc and 5 Polaris Spotsman 570cc 2 seater ATVs. - These big Two seater Quad bikes are perfect for riders who would like to take a passenger with them during the tour."

660cc 2 seater and 1,500 cc 4 seater MONSTER BUGGIES

We have 10 awesome 660cc 2-seater Monster Buggy Karts and Pattaya’s only 3 Huge 1500cc 4-seater family buggies. These 2020 latest Model karts are strong, safe and super fun!

ATV & BUGGY ADVENTURES = Off-Road at it’s Best!

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