VIP Private Tour

On all of our ATV tours, we will have a maximum of 10 riders in each group with a professional ATV tour guide/instructor leading the way and our mechanic at the back of the group as we ride in a convoy through the spectacular off-road trails. The VIP private tour upgrade is suitable for couples who want a romantic private ride and for small groups of friends or families who want to ride alone as one. If you are a larger group with more than 10 riders you will automatically receive a private tour and we will have extra guides and mechanics join in your group. The VIP private tour upgrade is therefore not necessary if you are a large group.


The advantage of the VIP Private tour is that you ride only with your selected friends, family or loved ones in a totally private tour. You can inform our guides to make extra stops along the route for photo opportunities, or explanations of the various scenery, or simply to have an extra break to chill out, recuperate and enjoy the serenity of Thai nature. We can also pause the tour at your request if you would like some tips on a section you found difficult, or if you would like to re-do a particular section that you found to be especially enjoyable. Perhaps you don’t want a break at all and you just want to blaze through the more technical and tougher ULTIMATE TOUR Track in one go. Whatever your desires are, all you need to do is inform us and we will do our best to accommodate your wishes.

You can upgrade either our 2 hour package FUN TOUR track or our ULTIMATE TOUR track to be a VIP PRIVATE TOUR at a surcharge of just 2,000 THB . The surcharge is to be split amongst your group and it is not a per person surcharge.

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