Team Building - Multi Activities

Adventurous explorers have the chance to get off the beaten track and into the jungle with these exciting and challenging activities. This program combines an ATV tour with fun Team Building challenges located in the countryside on the outskirts of Pattaya.


  • To encourage positive thinking, motivation and confidence.
  • To have an exciting, challenging and physically demanding event.
  • To learn about others under pressure.
  • To improve trust, cooperation and leadership skills.
  • To have an enriching, fun and enjoyable time.
  • To explore the ways teams work together under challenging conditions.
  • An enjoyable exploration of a new and diverse environment experiencing wildlife and the Thai countryside.


Participants will face a series of team challenges for which they will be required to use a variety of team building skills to be successful. They will need to be creative, innovative and delegate tasks amongst themselves, show leadership qualities and trust each other to perform the tasks. The team that combines all the elements together and executes each objective the best will win the Pattaya ATV Team Building World Champions Trophy!


The group will be divided into 3-4 teams and each team will compete over a series of 3 stations with 5 different activity challenges aiming to collect as many points as possible from each activity. The team with the highest number of points will become the winners! Station One the amazing ATV Tour lasts 1 hour 30 minutes. Station Two Lasts 45 minutes with two different activity challenges and Station Three also lasts 45 minutes with two different activity challenges.




Each team will be shown how to drive an ATV. Then they will set off on an off-road multi-kilometer adventure through the countryside with the aim for everyone to return to the start within the allotted time. The team with the safest and smoothest and most competent drivers will gain the most points by our guide's judgment. – Duration 90 minutes.


Team Building Activity Stations – Teams Rotate through 4 different activities at 2 stations. Activity 1 and 2 will be combined to be Station Two and activity 3 and 4 will be combined to be the 3rd station. Stations Two and Three will last no more than 45 minutes each. Every activity is designed to test each team’s skills and will require communication, planning, strategy and leadership and full group participation to be successful.


Team Building Pattaya - ATV ride

Station 1
ATV Ride

Team Building Pattaya - Minefield

Station 2A

Team Building Pattaya - Ring Stack

Station 2B

Team Building Pattaya - Toxic Transporters

Station 3A
Toxic Transporter

Team Building Pattaya - Water Pipe Ping Pong Escape

Station 3B
Water Pipe Ping Pong Escape


From 2,000 - 3,500 THB / person
Exact pricing depends on group size and individual requests.


  • Event preparation and planning
  • Minibus Round trip transportation from Pattaya Area
  • Event Coordinator from the UK with vast Team Building experience.
  • English speaking Thai facilitators + Other support staff depending group size
  • All equipment and materials for the activities
  • Every participant is guaranteed to drive an ATV or BUGGY
  • Rider shirts, helmets and goggles provided for the ATV tour
  • Team colored Bandanas and all necessary activity equipment
  • Winning team ATV Pattaya World Team Building Champions Trophy
  • Free photos from our action photographer
  • Personal Accident Insurance
  • A post tour lunch consisting of a big deluxe Beef, Chicken or Veggie Burger, Fries and salad at our onsite Thai Sala garden.
  • Unlimited Soft Drinks and Fresh Fruit at lunch and at every activity station
  • Ice cold refreshment mini towels


  • If your group would like to upgrade the complimentary post tour deluxe burger, fries, salad and fresh fruit for a spectacular Western BBQ Bonanza and Thai buffet at our onsite Thai Sala garden then this is possible for a surcharge of just 400 THB / person. The BBQ Bonanza consists of Texas BBQ pork ribs, Marinated Spicy Chicken wings, Beef Burgers, Fridge Onions, Pork, Chicken and Beef Skewers, Green Mixed Salads, Tuna/mayo/sweetcorn pasta salad, fresh crusty rolls with imported butter, Egg Fried Rice, Green Chicken Thai Curry and Tom Yam Seafood Soup.
  • Alcohol at BBQ. (If required please inform us what alcohol you would like us to prepare for your team building post tour BBQ.)
  • Pro Photographer with fully edited photos = 12,000 THB
  • Pro Videographer to make an approximate 2 minute professionally edited awesome cinema quality video = 12,500 THB
  • Prizes for the winning team – (up to your budget)
  • Vinyl Banner for the Starting Grid - 6 meter w x 1.5 meter h 1,900 baht.
  • ATV & BUGGY ADVENTURES PATTAYA T shirts = 300 THB / shirt
  • Event T-shirts with your logo – From 300 THB / shirt
  • Your Company Logo large Surf flags – From 950 Baht per flag


  • Any additional requirements requested by the client
  • 7% VAT which will be applied to the final total
  • Damage to the ATV’s caused by accidents


  • 08.45 am: Transfer from Pattaya Hotel to the event location
  • 09.15 am: Welcome. Group photos and Event briefing by lead facilitator and division of teams and challenge order allocation.
  • 09.30am: Team Building commences and teams rotate through the challenges
  • 11 am: Halfway Point 15 minutes refreshments breaks
  • 11.15 am: Team Building re-commences
  • 12.45 pm: Ice cold mini towels, soft drinks and freshen up
  • 1 pm: Lunch
  • 2 pm: Event debrief and Winning team trophy presentation
  • 2.15 pm: Transfer to Pattaya Hotel
  • 2.45 pm: Arrive back at Pattaya Hotel
Afternoon event options are available starting with a hotel pick up at 1.30 pm.

ATV & Buggy Adventures = Off-Road at it’s Best!

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