Team Building in Pattaya Thailand.

Team Building in Pattaya Thailand.

ATV & BUGGY ADVENTURES PATTAYA is Pattaya City’s only dedicated professional Team Building center with over ten years of experience running Team Building events for hundreds of renowned Thai and International companies. Our team-building ATV events are ideal for all companies, those hiring new staff, improve teamwork of existing staff as well as essential “retreats” designed to keep up employee morale by having some good honest fun together gelling as a team.

We offer Four types of Team Building options. The first two options are our fantastic ATV Tour Team Building event that can cater for groups of upto 60 people. The second two options are our awesome multi activity Team Building event that can cater for large groups of upto 120 people. The Team Building events duration is approximately half a day and therefore the absolute maximum number of people we can cater for in a day is 240 persons making us the biggest dedicated Team Building venue in Thailand.

Our ATV & BUGGY ADVENTURES PATTAYA Teambuilding programs are a unique, fun and challenging experience far superior from standard team building events. At ATV & BUGGY ADVENTURES PATTAYA everyone always has an amazing time. Our feedback from both employers and employees is excellent. Firstly the employees are happy that they are doing a fun event more exciting than they have done in the past. Secondly the employers are happy as they see all of their staff post tour enjoying a BBQ and laughing together at the trials and tribulations of the off road experience and the team challenges. Employees that may not have ever talked before in the workplace will now be naturally laughing and chatting together.

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Team Building Pattaya - ATV Tour

ATV Tour Team Building

Team Building Pattaya - Multi Activitiy

Multi Activitiy Team Building

The maximum group size we can cater for an ATV Tour Team Building Event is 30 riders. If you are more than 30 persons we can cater for upto 60 people with 30 ATV Riders and 30 Passengers where ATV Riders and Passengers will swap during our frequent water break and photo pit stops. If you have a larger group more than 60 persons we can split up the ATV Team building tour times or choose our awesome custom multi activity options available for upto 120 persons!


Since 2008 here at ATV & BUGGY ADVENTURES PATTAYA we have carried out many hugely successful Team Building events for large groups of upto 120 people. Typically with large groups such as these we will split the group up into 3 or 4 teams that will compete against each other in 3 or 4 ‘Challenge stations’. The 3 or 4 teams will rotate after completing their stations. Each team will need to show strong team player characteristics and vigorously help each other out in order for their team to be crowned the overall winners and receive the ATV & BUGGY ADVENTURES PATTAYA TeamBuilding champions trophy.

The different challenges that each team will rotate through can vary from group to group as after listening to our clients requests we will make a decision on which challenges to proceed with. We will provide the best challenges in accordance to what our customers are trying to get out of their staff Team Building event. Our most popular and successful challenges include our ATV tour, Minefield, Ring Stack, Toxic Waste and Transporters Team Tasks.

ATV & BUGGY ADVENTURES = Off-Road at it’s Best!

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