Team Building in Pattaya Thailand.

Team Building in Pattaya Thailand.

ATV Adventures Pattaya offers two types of Team Building tours. The first is our fantastic ATV Tour Team Building event that can cater for groups of upto 50 people. The second is our awesome multi activity Team Building event that can cater for large groups of upto 120 people.

ATV Adventures Pattaya ATV Tour Team Building program.

Our exciting ATV tour team building program helps inspire people to put aside differences and to work together while at the same time having a fantastic adrenaline-fueled romp through the jungle! It is a shared experience that creates a sense of unity, comradeship, and accomplishment – all of which are important facets in the workplace.

Riding together, having to negotiate obstacles on the trails helps with communication and helps build bonds and mutual respect and camaraderie, which are all very important skills to have working with one another in collaborative work environments. Our team-building ATV tour is ideal for all companies, those hiring new staff, as well as essential “retreats” designed to keep up employee morale by going out, having fun together and gelling as a team.

Our ATV tour itself is a unique and fun team building experience.different from the usual mundane team building events. At ATV Adventures Pattaya everyone always enjoys an amazing time. Our feedback from both employers and employees is excellent. Firstly the employees are happy that they are doing a fun event unlike the 'usual boring, formal and childlike team building programs that they have done in the past. Secondly the employers are happy as they see all of their staff post tour enjoying a BBQ and laughing together at the trials and tribulations of the off road experience. Employees that may not have ever talked before in the workplace are suddenly and naturally laughing and chatting together!

During our team-building ATV tour riders and passengers will need to help each other along the route. We will have 3 refreshment / photo breaks along the off-road multi- kilometer track. At every break the riders will become passengers and the passengers will become riders except they will change partners with a different ATV that will be randomly selected by us as we do not want people riding with their friends but rather mixing with different people within the group. This helps build bonds and new friendships and overall build the team comradery as a whole!

At the end of the tour everyone can freshen up with a hot or cold shower and then enjoy a post tour burger, fries and salad or take the recommended upgrade option to a huge Western BBQ Bonanza and Thai dishes feast at our stunning Thai Sala Garden.

The maximum group size we can cater for an ATV Tour Team Building Event is 50 people. This will be 25 ATV Riders and 25 Passengers. ATV Riders and Passengers will swap during our frequent water break and photo pit stops.

All you have to do is to decide whether your employees are going to ride the FUN ATV TOUR track or are they capable of a real challenge upon the ULTIMATE ATV TOUR track?

We have a special promotion for all group ATV Tour Team Building events as follows:

If there are 12 or more ATV Riders in the Team Building event then the group will receive a 15 % discount on the overall tour cost plus

  • the group will be given 4 GoPro HD Helmet cameras where you can take home the video footage on the SD cards free of charge
  • free photos from our action photographer
  • Your group will each receive a free awesome ATV Adventures Pattaya T-Shirt!

If your group would like to upgrade the complimentary post tour deluxe burger, fries, salad and fresh fruit for a spectacular Western BBQ Bonanza and Thai buffet at our onsite Thai Sala garden then this is possible for a surcharge of just 300 THB / person. The BBQ Bonanza consists of Texas BBQ pork ribs, Marinated Chicken wings, Beef Burgers, Pork Teriyaki Chops, Green Salads, tuna/mayo/sweetcorn pasta salad, fresh crusty rolls with imported butter, Egg Fried Rice, Green Chicken Thai Curry and Tom Yam Talay prawn and sea bass spicy soup.

If you have a larger groupmore than 50 persons we can split up the ATV tour times or perhaps choose our custom multi activity options available for upto 120 persons as shown below.

ATV Adventures Pattaya Multi Activity Team Building Events for large groups of upto 120 people.

Since 2006 here at ATV Adventures Pattaya we have carried out many hugely successful Team Building events for large groups of upto 120 people. Typically with large groups such as these we will split the group up into 4 teams and have a 4 hour Team Building event followed by a large lunch or dinner. Usually we will have 4 different stations that last approximately just under one hour each station. The 4 teams will rotate after completing their station and all the teams will be competing against each other. Each team will need to show strong team player characteristics and vigorously help each other out in order for their team to be crowned the overall champions.

The four different challenges that each team will rotate and complete vary from group to group as after listening to our clients requests we will make a decision on which challenges to proceed with. We will provide the best challenges in accordance to what our customers are trying to get out of their staff Team Building event. Our most popular challenges include our ATV tour, Cycling observation trail, Minefield Team Task, Flying Egg Team Task and the Pulley System over a Lake Retrieval Team Task.

ATV Adventures Pattaya = Off-Road at it’s Best!

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