Team Building Pattaya - Multi Activities

Team Building - Multi Activities

Pattaya Team Building - Up to 120 People

Adventurous explorers have the chance to get off the beaten track and into the jungle with these exciting and challenging activities. This program combines an ATV tour with Team Building challenges located in the countryside on the outskirts of Pattaya.

Activity Objectives

  • To encourage positive thinking, motivation and confidence
  • To have an exciting, challenging and physically demanding event
  • To learn about others under pressure
  • To improve trust, cooperation and leadership skills
  • To have an enriching, fun and enjoyable time
  • To explore the ways teams work together under challenging conditions
  • An enjoyable exploration of a new and diverse environment experiencing wildlife and the Thai countryside

The Event Brief

Delegates will enjoy an adventurous half day in the surrounding countryside of Pattaya. They will face a series of team challenges for which they will be required to use a variety of team building skills to be successful. They will need to be creative, innovative and delegate tasks amongst themselves, show leadership qualities and trust each other to perform the tasks. The team that combines all the elements together and executes each objective the best will win the Pattaya ATV Team Building adventure

The Program

Teams will take part in a fun packed and adventurous afternoon of outdoor team building located in the countryside around Pattaya. The group will be divided into 4 teams, Green Team, Blue Team, Red Team and Yellow Team and each team will compete over a series of 3 stations with 5 different activity challenges aiming to collect as many points as possible from each activity. The team with the highest number of points will win the Pattaya ATV and Outdoor team building challenge! Station One the amazing ATV Tour lasts 1 hour 30 minutes. Station Two Lasts 45 minutes with two different activity challenges and Station Three also lasts 45 minutes with two different activity challenges.


Outdoor Team Building


Each team will be shown how to drive an ATV. Then they will set off on an off-road multi-kilometer adventure through the countryside with the aim for everyone to return to the start within the allotted time. The team with the safest and smoothest and most competent drivers will gain the most points by our guides judgement. – Duration 95 minutes.


Team Building Activity Stations – Teams Rotate through 4 different activities at 2 stations aiming for the highest points total. Activity 1 and 2 will be combined to be the Station Two and activity 3 and 4 will be combined to be the 3rd station. Each team will be awarded a score for each game and the totals combined before announcing the winning team of the Pattaya ATV Team Building Adventure. Stations Two and Three will last no more than 45 minutes with a 5 minutes break between stations.

Every activity is designed to test each team’s skills and will require communication, planning, strategy and leadership and full group participation to be successful.


Team Building Pattaya - ATV ride

Station 1
ATV Ride

Team Building Pattaya - Minefield

Station 2a

Team Building Pattaya - Ring Stack

Station 2b
Ring Stack

Team Building Pattaya - Toxic Transporters

Station 3a
Toxic Transporter

Team Building Pattaya - Water Pipe Ping Pong Escape

Station 3b
Water Pipe Ping Pong Escape


3,500 THB - (20 - 40 persons)
3,200 THB - (40 - 60 persons)
2,900 THB - (60 - 80 persons)
2,500 THB - (80 - 120 persons)


  • Event preparation and planning
  • Minibus Round trip transportation from Pattaya Area
  • Two Western Pro Team Building Managers
  • Twelve English speaking Thai facilitators
  • All equipment and materials for the activities
  • Every participant is guaranteed to drive an ATV
  • Team colored Bandanas
  • Winning team ATV Adventures Team Building Trophy
  • Free photos from our action photographer
  • Personal Accident Insurance
  • Huge Western quality BBQ and Thai dishes fantastic lunch
  • Unlimited Soft Drinks and Fresh Fruit + Soft drinks on every station
  • Ice cold refreshment mini towels


  • Alcohol at BBQ. (If required please inform us what alcohol you would like us to prepare for your team building post tour BBQ.)
  • Prizes for the winning team – from 200 THB per piece (up to your budget)
  • ATV Adventures Pattaya T shirts = 200 THB / shirt
  • Event T-shirts with your logo – From 300 THB / shirt
  • Event Flags – from 300 baht per piece
  • Vinyl Banner for the Starting Grid - 5 meter w x 1.2 meter h 1,500 baht.
  • Pro Photographer with fully edited photos = 12,000 THB
  • Pro Videographer to make 2 minute edited awesome video = 12,000 THB

Excluded in the tour price:

  • Any additional requirements requested by the client
  • 7% VAT which will be applied to the final total
  • Damage to the ATV’s caused by accidents


09.00am: Transfer from Pattaya Hotel to the event location
09.30am: Welcome. Group photos and Event briefing by lead facilitator and division of teams
and challenge order allocation.
09.45am: Team Building commences and teams rotate through the challenges
11.20pm: Halfway Point ten minutes refreshments breaks
11.30pm: Team Building re-commences
01.00pm: Event debrief and Winning team trophy presentation
01.20pm: Huge Western BBQ and Thai dishes freshly cooked buffet lunch
02.30pm: Transfer to Pattaya Hotel
03.00pm: Arrive back at Pattaya Hotel

Pattaya Team Building - Over 200 People

The Event Brief

Take part in a race against time exploring Pattaya interacting with the locals and discover real life and local culture through interactive team challenges aiming to reach the finish line and to beat the clock by finishing within the allotted time. To be the winning team not only will you have to have finished the race in the allotted time you must be the highest overall scoring team when taking in the combined scores from the tasks undertaken on your Amazing race! The winning team will receive the Champions trophy and team medals.

The Challenge

Teams will compete over a series of 10 cultural and water-based tasks/challenges focusing on local life and culture. Each challenge is designed for full team participation and teams will discover new skills and experiences whilst enjoy an enriching learning experience. Each task is objective based on goals set and will test your teamwork skills to the limit focusing on core objectives including planning, strategy, communication, problem solving and creativity.

The team that combines the best to perform the tasks will take home the Pattaya team building trophy!

The Tasks

At each location, Teams will receive instructions or a demonstration from their facilitator before being set a team goal or target to achieve. The team must achieve their objective to move forward in the race against the clock.
Teams will be scored out of ten by the facilitator at each challenge location!


09.00am: Teams receive the event briefing by the lead facilitator at the Hotel.
09.15am - 12.30pm: Aim to complete as many challenges as possible and reach lunch at 12.30 pm
12.00pm - 01.30pm: Excellent Thai and Seafood lunch for teams 1-10
01.30pm - 04.30pm: Teams continue the Pattaya Amazing race aiming to reach the finish in the allotted time and with the highest scorecard to win the Pattaya Team Building Amazing Race Trophy. All Teams to arrive back at the hotel at 4.30 pm
04.30pm - 05.00pm: Event debriefing and prize giving to winning team at the Hotel!

The 10 Challenges / Tasks will be:

  • Team Flower Garland – The objective for the team is to make a flower garland to a specific length in the fastest possible time – Location Wat Mongkhon fresh market.
  • Temple Quest – Teams explore a well-known temple to locate answers and reveal hidden secrets - Location Big Buddha Pratumnak Hill
  • Take me down to Pattaya City – Come up with a team chant or dance in front of the infamous Pattaya City sign overlooking Paradise City! Video taken by the team's facilitator will be sent to our Pop Idol judges to award the points! - Location Pattaya City Hillside sign
  • Spice it up – Teams learn to make a traditional Thai dish and serve it on a plate to be judged before eating as a team! - Location Aroi restaurant.
  • Market Barter – Teams receive a list of souvenir items for which they need to barter and get the best prices – Pattaya Floating Market
  • Race to the top – Climb and count the steps as a team at a hidden mountaintop temple, perform observation task at temple summit utilising the spectacular viewpoint - Location: Wat Yan Sang Wararam Woramahawihan.
  • Artisans of Pattaya – recreate a team caricature of the infamous Laser Buddha Mountain Image- Location - Khao Chi Chan Buddha
The following 3 Tasks will take place at Na Jomtien Beach!
  • Stand Up Paddle Board! Use the SUP to complete a slalom course in the fastest possible time! (If the sea is choppy we will use Kayaks)
  • Release the Ping Pong Ball and stack the rings!! - Fill the container with sea water standing in a chain to release the ping pong ball in fastest possible time. Afterwards, use your team members to help you stack the rings for the highest score!
  • Banana Boat Challenge - Using a 6 man banana boat being towed behind a super powerful Jet Ski try to stay on the banana boat and not fall off to gain the maximum score. Complete the banana boat 15-minute course before taking a rest and the remaining guys in your team swap with you.


  • Event preparation and planning
  • Lead Team Building manager and assistant manager both coming from the UK and both guys are living in Pattaya Thailand 10+ years with over 20 years of combined experience running team building events.
  • 20 Event Facilitation by Thai English speaking facilitators – 1 per team
  • Team Facilitators will also take many non-professional photos of their team throughout the day which will be given to the clients.
  • 20 air-conditioned minibuses including fuel and driver for the day.
  • 10 amazing challenges and all equipment including 2 Jet Skis, 2 banana boats, 4 SUP boards, Ping Pong and ring stack game and all entrance fees including Pattaya Floating Market.
  • Each team minibus will have a big ice box full with lots of bottled Water & Soft Drinks
  • Each team minibus will have snack box consisting of crisps and cookies.
  • Excellent Thai and seafood lunch.
  • Team Budget to purchase flowers and other task souvenir items.
  • Winning team trophy and medals.
  • Accident Insurance for all participants


  • Event Bandanas – From 100 baht per piece
  • Event T-shirts with your logo – From 300 baht per piece
  • Event Flags – from 300 baht per piece
  • Vinyl Banner - 5 meter a 1.5 meter 1,000 baht.
  • Professional American Photographer = 15,000 THB


2,600 THB (minimum of 230 persons)

Excluded in the tour price:

  • Usually, Hotels allow the use of certain open areas free of charge for guests where we can do the pre-race briefing and post-race debriefing and prize giving. If the Hotel wants to charge for use of an open area this is will be an extra charge.

ATV Adventures Pattaya = Off-Road at it’s Best!

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